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The egg hatched!

When the waves below the pier begin to sway with the morning sunlight…

A swift motion stops the alarm.
Kicking off the twisted bed sheets, he stretches his arms and legs

The sunlight peeks in from the curtains, hitting his desk spotlighting on a group photograph taken on “that day”

"have a good day"
Hearing a voice sending him off from behind, he hurriedly heads out the door.

As he looks up from his bicycle, the blue summer sky lies before him…

Taichi, 17, High school days.

Once again,
the adventure evolves

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Here, have a Xiao (=^-ω-^=)


Toan from Dark Cloud.


Why is it so hard for me to finish drawings? (┳Д┳)

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OH MY LOOOOOOOOOOORD. I haven’t fangirled this badly in a looooong time. Digimon Adventure 03 in 2015!!!

Makes me feel even worse for not drawing anything for Digimon Day yesterday (and I missed SasuSaku month ._.), but I’m totally going to make something for it soon, dag nabit *shakes fist*

Character design doodles. First guy is unnamed Kade; I’ve always wanted to make a male character with a fancy ear/hair accessory on one side of his head :P His design will probably change later on (mainly the one with his hair down).

Second is Mina Proudore, a very spoilery character, but she’s the main character of the prequel to Infinite Radius, Soliloquy of Souls. Also she’s showing off my very lazy and fast way of coloring :D I’m unhappy with her face, but meh, it’s a doodle *shrug* (and I’m pretty freaking terrible at drawing girls)

Another old unfinished concept I plan to redraw. Cryo is the first character I’ve redrawn in my new style and with MS5.

Thanks to all my followers; this is my 50th post~ I wanted it to be a completed work but I’m far from finishing any of the five things I’m drawing currently, haha… >_>

If only I could draw faster *shakes fist*

P.S. I’ve renamed Legend of Reisen to Infinite Radius. Hooray :>

Roe outfit redesign I plan to redraw and tweak later. This was drawn in January and was the last thing I did in SAI before switching to Manga Studio.

I didn’t even finish his right hand, haha… oTL

Cryo eye practice. Yay for lazy expressions.

your art is not crappy, like, at all. It's really good and your coloring is really good, too.

Thank you, I try :> (blergh, I accidentally pressed enter before I could write more x_x) It just takes me a long time to finish a piece since I want it to be perfect, but then I end up disliking it afterwards anyway, lol.

Anywho, thank you for the praise :] Definitely made my day

Just so I’m a little more active on Tumblr, I’ll be posting doodles from time-to-time. Most of these are quick 10-20 minute doodles except for number 5, because I wanted to see how it looked colored >_> I’ve been doing these mainly for practice, especially since I switched to Manga Studio 5 EX and am still learning the program :>

So yep, not dead, just been busy and life is lame hectic. Still working on New Sun, don’t worry *thumbs up*

A WIP sketch because I doubt I’ll be able to work on this for the next few days :\ I’ve always wanted to do a cliche anime poster for LoR and, well… :P I still have more characters to add; this isn’t anywhere near finished ><

I just got over a minor sickness and just played video games over the weekend so I haven’t been drawing this past week. After I finish this, I plan to go into full work mode for my doujinshi :>

Happy new year[’s eve]! Sorry I don’t have anything better~


Redo of the head shots I did of my OCs eight months ago.


Merry (early) Mimato Christmas, everyone :>


Premature Merry Christmas, lol.

Yagami Taichi & Tachikawa Mimi from Digimon Adventure/02.