A WIP sketch because I doubt I’ll be able to work on this for the next few days :\ I’ve always wanted to do a cliche anime poster for LoR and, well… :P I still have more characters to add; this isn’t anywhere near finished ><

I just got over a minor sickness and just played video games over the weekend so I haven’t been drawing this past week. After I finish this, I plan to go into full work mode for my doujinshi :>

Happy new year[’s eve]! Sorry I don’t have anything better~

My poor hand~ ._. I haven’t drawn anything in a long time and this is what happens. This was originally just supposed to be Zero but my hand decided to draw Roe & Cryo as well, sooooo I guess I’m gonna be drawing Ryann to complete the guys :|

Decided to post my progress so far since I need to sleep :P And yay, I’m not dead! ….This reminds me I need to finish my other WIP *flail*

My boyfriend woke me up this morning making this song for my story, Legend of Reisen. It’s the Earth Dragon/Roe’s theme :]

He’s had an intro song made for me for awhile now but it’s not online, and it’ll probably only see the light of day when I actually draw the intro, haha.

I’ll be getting back to drawing next week; just bought a Bamboo Create and it should be here Thursday!